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Title Description Price
xTuple CRM Desktop xTuple Desktop Independent download of xTuple Desktop, installed by default in version 3.5.1 and higher. Apps & xTensions $0.00
Fixed Assets Register your fixed assets, including type/class, location and associated transactions. Apps & xTensions $0.00
Expense Request for Non-Inventory Items Add screens for Expense Requests, i.e., the purchase of a non-inventory item. Apps & xTensions $0.00
iTuple Item Site Labels Free package works with iTuple 2.0 iPhone App, facilitates inventory process by printing barcoded... Apps & xTensions $0.00
Purchase Order Progress Tracking Track and edit purchase orders by vendor, PO Number, due date and more. Apps & xTensions $0.00
Yahoo Store Integration Import your Yahoo Store order information into your xTuple ERP database. Apps & xTensions $0.00
xTuple osCommerce Module Connect your osCommerce store with xTuple ERP. Apps & xTensions $0.00