ERP Implementation:
Demand a Smooth Process (and 90 Days)

LIVE WEBINAR | Wednesday, September 23 | 2:30 PM EST

Do more with less. And do it fast. Shouldn’t the process of Implementing a system intended to improve efficiencies be an efficient one? The answer is YES! Why then does the average ERP implementation take more than 14 months?

It doesn’t have to. Join us for this live webinar with two industry subject matter experts (SMEs) and learn how asking the right questions early in the process can help ensure not only a successful implementation of a robust ERP system, but also a fast one.

Improving efficiencies requires improved efficiencies. In addition to dispelling the myths about ERP, get more insight into:

  • Quantifiable results: why you want and need an ERP
  • Questions to ask before selecting an ERP
  • Overview of the Implementation Process
  • What it takes to get it done in 90 Days

Participants will receive the xTuple White Paper: Making 90-Day ERP Implementation Possible.

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About the Presenter
Wally Tonra
A 25+ year technology veteran, Wally has spent more than 20-years in ERP working with manufacturers.  A true subject matter expert, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers of every size and complexity. More than two decades working across industries to ensure clients have the solutions they need to impact their processes and performance, Wally is uniquely qualified to quickly and effectively address the primary areas of “pain” faced by manufacturers when they are considering, evaluating and implementing an ERP system.
Sarah Spangler
Sarah leads the team consisting of support and professional services, dedicated to providing a stellar customer experience from on-boarding and training through day-to-day use to managing business growth. She's an enthusiastic and driven professional with a passion for people, knowledge, leadership, collaboration, and results. Sarah has a proven successful track record in bringing teams together to facilitate an excellent customer experience, demonstrated ability to build customer relationships; develop and implement effective go-to-market strategies; identify client growth opportunities; and deliver top-notch customer service, process improvement, product training and education. Sarah holds a M.A. in English Language and Literature from the California State University in Fullerton and a M.A. in Professional Writing from Old Dominion University. She’s working on her M.B.A. at the College of William and Mary.