xTuple - Webinar - Driving Profits

Driving Profits:
How the Top Core ERP Powers Growth for Small &
Mid-sized Businesses
One Platform. One Price. 90-Day GO LIVE.

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xTuple’s Core ERP is designed to deliver the value and benefits of comprehensive enterprise resource planning at a fraction of the cost and the time traditionally associated with ERP onboarding.

We understand that SMEs need an intuitive, turnkey system that saves them time and money – we can get your ERP up and running in as little as 90-days.

Our core ERP brings together all of your business processes – sales, manufacturing, distribution, inventory, vendor, CRM, and supply chain on one clean platform that provides visibility into customers and costs, allowing your business to get it right the first time.


Register for our live webinar here and learn how you can:

  • Increase productivity to get your products out the door faster
  • Save time by consolidating all your moving parts into one solution
  • Standardize purchasing and financial reports to substantially increase cashflow
  • Automate workflows to save time, eliminate duplications, and deliver accurate data
  • Finally achieve quick and seamless vendor and inventory management

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About the Presenters
Wally Tonra
VP Sales @ xTuple

Wally’s a 25+ year technology/ERP veteran, and a true subject matter expert. He’s invested in working across industries to ensure clients have the solutions they need to create growth and profitability.


Sarah Spangler
VP Customer Success @ xTuple
Sarah and her teams are dedicated to delivering a stellar customer experience from on-boarding and training through day-to-day use to managing business growth.

Wally Tonra
A 25+ year technology veteran, Wally has spent more than 20-years in ERP working with manufacturers.  A true subject matter expert, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers of every size and complexity. More than two decades working across industries to ensure clients have the solutions they need to impact their processes and performance, Wally is uniquely qualified to quickly and effectively address the primary areas of “pain” faced by manufacturers when they are considering, evaluating and implementing an ERP system.