Measure What’s Essential: KPI and CRM

20-Minute Features Demonstration
MAY 5, 2021 AT 1 PM

xTuple’s KPI & CRM demo shows you what manufacturers and distributors need to measure most – the product, people, and process metrics that develop visibility trends. CRM delivers the data you need for customer success.

xTuple KPI and CRM-1

xTuple’s forecast to demand management tools match resources to requests and eliminate expedited materials costs. 

Manufacturers can develop reliable lead-time visibility and quickly pivot when supply chain disruption or vendor materials increases occur. 

With a global supply chain, there are bound to be cost differentials and raw material lead-times of anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Efficient forecasting and demand management informs smart purchasing and eliminates lost profits caused by overstock and stock deficits.

Time, Money, and Supply Chain Transparency

  • Increase efficiency – eliminate double-handling with automated stock tracking
  • Cost savings – Eliminate segmented and siloed resources to save time and money
  • Transparency and visibility – digital communications with stakeholders to sync stock, order, and shipping information across the supply chain

Register for our live 20-minute Features Demonstration and learn how you can: 

  • Increase productivity to get your products out the door faster
  • Save time by consolidating all your moving parts into one solution
  • Standardize purchasing and financial reports to substantially increase cashflow
  • Automate workflows to save time, eliminate duplications, and deliver accurate data
  • Finally achieve quick and seamless vendor and inventory management 

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About the Presenters
Wally Tonra
VP Sales @ xTuple

Wally’s a 25+ year technology/ERP veteran, and a true subject matter expert. He’s invested in working across industries to ensure clients have the solutions they need to create growth and profitability.


Andrew Barkan
Account Executive @ xTuple
Andrew has worked in multiple manufacturing industries for nearly 30 years. His ability to understand complex challenges and deliver the right solution for small businesses has helped hundreds of manufacturers grow and achieve sustainable profitability.


Ryan Grayson
Business Development Specialist @ xTuple
Ryan has +15 years experience in working with advanced, high-tech software industries. He is committed to delivering support to small and medium-sized businesses, and driving measurable, achievable, results.