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xTuple anytime, anywhere - NorfolkVA - April 2014

Headquartered in the innovation corridor of downtown #NorfolkVA, xTuple makes business management software to help grow your company's supply chain, profitably. xTuple is a company just like yours; the product we create is software.

xTuple's Mobile Web app lets you run your business anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We use it ourselves! And we put our own app to the test by taking our "sprint" meetings out on the town. "Sprints" are the way xTuple developers plan which features go into the next software release.

Video News Release - xTuple Mobile Web app -- Short Version

Hi, I'm Ned Lilly. I'm the President and CEO of xTuple. We are an open source business management software company.

In a few weeks' time, we will begin limited beta testing of a brand new xTuple product. The product is a full-blown Mobile Web app, which runs on tablets and smart phones (both Apple and Android). It also runs on any modern Web browser on a desktop or laptop computer.