Free Accounting, CRM, ERP for Small Business

xTuple PostBooks EditionBusiness Management Software for Small- to Medium-sized Business

If your business has reached the limits of QuickBooks, Peachtree or MYOB, or if you are looking for a starter solution that you won't have to throw away in a year, xTuple PostBooks can help.

xTuple PostBooks® is the ideal business software platform for many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

PostBooks® is much more than FREE accounting software.
PostBooks® is much more than great accounting software.

In addition to basic accounting features such as general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, etc., PostBooks® includes fully-integrated CRM, sales and purchasing, product definition, inventory, light manufacturing and OpenRPT, our open-source report writer software. The full features of the software are discussed in detail in the User Docs section of our community site.

Of course, the heart of any business system is accounting, and PostBooks® features a powerful General Ledger accounting system. Financial Reports are completely user-definable, and the system's open architecture facilitates simple interfaces to third party applications such as spreadsheets and outside payroll processors. The accounting module rivals anything available from commercial software vendors.

With so many features – is a full-blown ERP system like PostBooks® too complex for a small company? Fair question – and with open source software the answer is easy:  See for yourself!

With our growing international open source community, we constantly work to improve the usability of the software so the novice user can operate efficiently in a relatively short amount of time. We provide classroom training, demonstration videos and extensive online documentation to assist users just starting with the software.

And, of course, xTuple and its partners offer professional implementation assistance and helpdesk support once you're live with the software.