Best Open Source ERP for Linux

xTuple ERP is the best open source ERP for Linux. Our software, client and server, offers the best solution for accounting, CRM, and ERP on the Linux platform. We even have a guide for setting up xTuple ERP on Ubuntu.

Actually, xTuple ERP is engineered from the ground up to be a top ERP application for all of the main desktop operating systems. How do we do this? Simple: we leverage the power of Qt [pronounced cute], a cross-platform application framework for developing C++ applications. Using Qt, xTuple can develop applications and user interfaces once, and deploy them across many desktop operating systems without rewriting the source code. 

On the back end, we employ the powerful PostgreSQL database, an open source database application that runs on all major platforms, including all of the main flavors of Linux.

There are many advantages to using these cross-platform tools. For one thing, it means when we release an update to the software it's available on Mac, Linux, and Windows at the same time, with no platform left behind.

It also means our users can seamlessly mix and match platforms in an xTuple ERP environment. Got a bunch of Ubuntu addicts, and others would die before giving up Windows? No problem. We have GUI client software for both, and Mac too. And the different client apps can all talk to the same database, which can be hosted on a PC, Mac or Linux server.

So we really are different. We offer seamless, cross-platform support for all major operating systems so you can use the combination of hardware and software that works best for you in your environment. Just another way that xTuple is changing the game.