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xTuple PostBooks

Guide to assist beginners with downloading, installing and using PostBooks® for the first time

xTuple PostBooks® is open source business management software that includes sales, accounting, operations and CRM in a single system. Read more about PostBooks® features or compare PostBooks® and other xTuple commercial editions.

xTuple in the CloudRun any xTuple Edition in our expanded Cloud service

No headaches with maintaining a server; lightning quick performance; your data is yours — you can leave at any time; no minimum number of users; easy and inexpensive to get started; Mobile Web access to more and more of the xTuple application; and Business Continuity services included.

xChange Custom DevelopmentCustom Development at xTuple

We are all about helping you make the best possible use of our software — we offer training classes, online videos and documentation designed to help you learn to use it and even to delve under the hood to modify and enhance it. The source code is publicly available, and we offer scripting tools and tutorials to show how to change screens or even create entirely new modules or interfaces to other software. On top of it all, we throw in a free report writer to allow you to make unique reports to meet any business need.

Watch xTuple Demo Videos on YouTubeLearn by watching

View our expanding library of YouTube videos. We document many aspects of the software as well as training sessions and informational webinars.

David Beauchamp, xTuple Professional ServicesERP implementations are a challenge to undertake no matter the complexity of your business

David Beauchamp, xTuple Professional Services — "The primary directive of the Professional Services Team — made up of xTuple staff and the xTuple Partner global community — is to ensure experts are available to assist in the execution of your new system using the established xTuple implementation methodologies and to optimize the benefits of your new enterprise application."

xTuple Business Continuity and XTNBusiness Continuity: Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Protect your business — and your valuable data — with remote backup and recovery service, and add a remote management service for vital updates.

xTuple Customer SupportSupport options – from free community resources to paid expert consulting

xTuple offers a number of support options. Specific types of support are described below, and the table shows a feature-by-feature comparison, including pricing.

All support options are available for both the free PostBooks® Edition of xTuple ERP and the commercially-licensed Editions and include:

xTuple Knowledge SeriesxTuple Knowledge Management Series – Ways to help you master our software

xTuple provides many – from online videos and guides, to classroom training in our Norfolk HQ or remote locations, to distance learning offerings, to tech-focused meetups. Take advantage of the free resources and/or contact us for paid training at our site or yours. Contact xTuple Training Team.