xTuple Rewards for Your Moment of Truth

Wally Tonra, xTuple VP Sales

2013 xTuple Rewards: Sign up early – Save more

Moments of truth occur in every business — those critical or decisive times on which much depends. A crucial period in the future of your organization’s health. xTuple understands when those moments of truth are most likely to occur — when you are busy running your business, day-to-day, and end of the year creeps up on you.

Staying current with your xTuple software — and all the innovation our open source community brings to it — helps you take maximum advantage for your moment of truth. But we know you don't spend your days thinking about software updates. So, allow us to nudge you with some rewards.

xTuple offers a way to upgrade and save to impact your bottom line!

Pre-purchase Discounted Consulting

All users – PostBooks and all commercial editions of xTuple ERP – save as much as 25+% off consulting services – available via email, telephone, direct connection online or onsite – on everything from upgrading to the current release to integrating new applications to modifying custom reports or scripts. Direct access to xTuple’s database and developer resources.

1 $1400 $1500 $1600 $1700 $1800
5 $1300/day $1400/day $1500/day $1600/day $1700/day
  Save 25% off Save 20% off Save 15% off Save 10% off Regular Price
*Work must occur within one year of date of purchase.
**Consulting Rewards expire 12 midnight Eastern Time (GMT-05:00-US & Canada) on the last day of each promotional month.