xTupleCommerce — B2B eCommerce Web Portal

Connect a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce Web Portal to your ERP

Deliver direct self-service access to your business partners and customers — around-the-clock and from anywhere in the world. Integrated ERP and eCommerce improves marketing and operational efficiencies. Integrated CRM and eCommerce empowers on-the-road sales tasks.

What is xTupleCommerce?

xTupleCommerce is a Web Portal with a real-time connection to your xTuple ERP. The Web Portal functions as web-based access to your ERP data allowing you to expand your brand by building an eCommerce presence, data management tools, CRM tools and more.

It's not just a website. Product Data, Customer Data, Accounting information, Inventory information — everything in your ERP can be "exposed" (privately or publicly based on your needs) to the xTupleCommerce Web Portal. Then, the system can be used to sell products online, collect work orders, communicate and engage with customers, create sales orders and much more. Modern business is happening online. xTupleCommerce is the solution for giving your customers and partners (and prospects) the tools they desire to do more business with you.

How much does xTupleCommerce cost?

$8,500 per year Annual or $25,000 Perpetual

Includes the license PLUS setup support from our team to spin up xTupleCommerce on a cloud server and connect to your mobile-enabled ERP. You will receive access to all resources and private repositories.

What is specifically included?
  • Complete your Customer Checklist which outlines each task to be completed for a successful implementation
  • Install xTupleCommerce on the xTuple Cloud
  • Add customer's logo on basic website template
  • Update branding colors to match customer brand within Call-To-Action buttons, main menu, background color and standard headers
  • Establish connection between xTupleCommerce and ERP
  • Verify the connection with the following items:
    • Publish one sample product with product image
    • Publish sample product catalog
    • Demonstrate a basic website order (no credit card)
  • Deliver data and configuration audit
What else do you need?
  • Maintenance — $0 for Annual; $2,500 per year for Perpetual
  • Support — $2,500 per year for Annual or Perpetual (waived if you spend more than $2,500 for ERP Support)
  • xTuple Cloud Hosting — $200 per month, includes both staging and live websites, monitored for uptime and required security updates
  • Training — see Classes available
  • Implementation — blocks of time vary, depending upon the complexity of your project needs such as inventory, customer types or pricing schedules; see Implementation Pricing

Discounts — 25% off with Enterprise Edition


Get Started with xTupleCommerce

Ready to grow your business with xTupleCommerce? We're excited to help you get started with xTuple's Customer Sales & Service Web Portal. Contact us so we can schedule a time to learn more about your organization's desires, evaluate your needs, and help you define next steps.

Why do I need a Web Portal connected to my ERP?

Like most new technology, the many use cases and profit potential is not immediately apparent to everyone. Often we receive questions like “why is this so important?” However, to the businesses that have been using xTupleCommerce for years, they couldn’t imagine getting by without it. Check out a few examples of how current customers are using the technology.

What Business-to-Business (B2B) challenges does xTupleCommerce solve?

Some businesses have eCommerce systems integrated with their ERP that isn't designed, developed nor supported by the ERP vendor. Nightmares come upgrade time! Some businesses have a detached eCommerce system working in parallel with their enterprise software applications. These approaches are outdated and not sustainable — or profitable — solutions. xTupleCommerce solves many efficiency pain points for you and your customers. Let's name a few:

  1. Eliminate Double Entry — Your staff will save SO much time with the real-time integration between xTupleCommerce and your ERP, you may need less staff or be able to repurpose them for a more efficient workforce. Information on the website updates as soon as the update happens in the ERP. So much winning!
  2. Deliver Customer-specific Pricing — After negotiating custom prices, your customer wants to know —  immediately —  what they will have to pay for your products. This system shows them all pricing based on their specific pricing schedule.
  3. Optimize User Experience — Presenting a unique user experience for each of your customer types is easy with xTupleCommerce. Perhaps some customers see some products and other customers see all of your products. Customize the system any way you want, any way your customers desire.
  4. Sell More with Saved Carts — Your customer can manage multiple orders by saving their cart(s) to their account. Then they can return and quickly checkout once they are ready. Easier buying process means buying more often.
  5. Speed up Purchasing Process — Help your customers reorder and check-out faster by improving re-purchasing. Customers can create lists of their most needed products. Faster order processing means customers come back to you, rather than your competition.
  6. Offer Flexible Payment Options — You may want to invoice a customer in a variety of ways. Provide whichever options you like; Credit Cards, Bill me later, Account Credit, etc. More options means more sales.
  7. Improve Finding Products — Make your products easy for customers to find using multiple tools including item group structures and search terms. The quicker they find what they're looking for, the faster they can buy.

How to Get More Information on xTupleCommerce

Ready for a Demonstration?
Subject matter experts can answer your questions about this and other xTuple Add-ons, or provide you with a guided tour, personalized for your business.
Need Documentation?
From the warehouse to the back office, you need training materials for the entire organization. Grow yourself professionally — and your business exponentially.

Key features of xTupleCommerce

xTupleCommerce offers dozens of remarkable features for engaging with prospects, customers, business partners and internal team members online. Below is a fraction of that list. There's more where these came from with additional new features constantly added.

Content Management

  • User-friendly, intuitive Content Management System (CMS)
  • Merchandising and Promotions
  • Integrated blog with Product Promotion Tools
  • Sandbox Environment
  • Email Marketing Integration with MailChimp
  • Helpdesk FAQ

Business Management

  • Real-time ERP Integration
  • Multiple Web Portals (websites) connected to one (1) ERP
  • Advanced Administration Roles
  • B2C and B2B on One Platform
  • Unified Inventory Management
  • Restrict Customers on Credit Hold
  • Public or Private eCommerce Store
  • Customer Management
  • Referral System
  • Built-In Security
  • Multiple Customer Types
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Flexible Couponing, Discounts and Promotions
  • Tax Calculation

Customer Experience

  • eCommerce Functionality
  • Personalized Pricing
  • Mobile-ready Theme
  • Saved Carts
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Search and Browse for Products
  • Fulfillment Tracking
  • Multiple ShipTo Addresses
  • Favorite Items List
  • View/Export Past Invoices
  • Save multiple Credit Cards to Account
  • Flexible Payment Options (Credit Card, Pay with Terms, Pay Later)
  • Quote Workflow
  • Request for Quote / RFQ (especially for Job Shop, Make-to-Order companies)

Product Management

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Layered Navigation
  • Related Products
  • Shipping Rules
  • Configurator (Styled Products, Bundles and Kitting, Custom Configuration, Build-to-Order)
  • Product Catalog Management
  • Inventory/Availability

Development Features

  • Open Source
  • Web Services API

Online — B2B eCommerce Starter Guide for Sales Growth

On-Demand — Learn how to setup your business online with the xTupleCommerce Web Portal and start selling more. See how quickly you can go from a "brochure-ware" website to an ERP-integrated B2B eCommerce system. Credit Hours — Six (6)

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