Open Source ERP Software Provider xTuple Announces Winner of its “haxTuple” Developer Contest

haxTuple - open source developer contest

Thriving xTuple Community Fixes Over 320 Bugs and Continues the Evolution of xTuple ERP

NORFOLK, VA - March 12, 2010 - xTuple, the leader in Mac and open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has announced the winner of its haxTuple Contest – Scott Zuke of Core Services Group in Western Michigan. Scott will receive an Apple iPad for his efforts.

The haxTuple contest was aimed at fixing and resolving bugs in anticipation for the upcoming xTuple 3.5 release. As a result of contest - 324 bugs were resolved. The runner-up in the contest was Alfredo Martinez of Sitwell Furniture in Yucatan, Mexico.

xTuple ERP is available in the PostBooks (free community version), Standard and Manufacturing Editions. All three versions run equally well on Mac, Windows and Linux computers and are fully internationalized with multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by the global xTuple open source community.

The xTuple Community continues to thrive with over 20,000 active members, and the free and open source (FOSS) PostBooks Edition has been downloaded over 330,000 times. The PostBooks Edition of xTuple ERP is consistently ranked among the most active projects on SourceForge.

xTuple’s first developer contest was held in July of 2009 in anticipation of the 3.3 release. As a result of the contest, over 130 bugs were resolved.


John Rogelstad, Director of Product Development, xTuple: “The quality – as well as the quantity – of bug fixes our community contributed was outstanding. It’s really exciting to see more and more power users of xTuple digging deep into the product, and helping us continue to improve.”

Ned Lilly, CEO of xTuple: “While the haxTuple contest was fun – and we’ll definitely do it again in a future release – it’s also important to note that this community engagement is ongoing. Not just fixing bugs, but helping to spec out new features, helping new users find answers to their questions, and developing add-on products available in the xTuple xChange. For our part, xTuple is redoubling its commitment to working with the community to maintain and continue to improve the world’s most advanced open source ERP software.”

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