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xTuple is the World's #1 open source ERP

What does that mean? Our mission is to leverage the exciting and dynamic world of open source software to bring the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to companies of all sizes. xTuple is enterprise-class business management software that gives growing companies control over operations and the tools to power that growth. Available in FREE and Commercial Editions.

xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one system:  sales, accounting, and operations – including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution.

And, frankly, we are also bringing the discipline of a real enterprise product company to open source. This is no starter kit or collection of piece-parts. You can download, install and run a full xTuple ERP system in no time. Really.

Let's talk about ERP. Maybe it's a buzz-word you already know, maybe not. Fundamentally, ERP is one interconnected software system that helps you run all the critical functions of your business.

A good ERP system, properly implemented, can bring about massive improvements to operational efficiency, shine a bright light on hidden organizational costs and strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers. All of that translates into real growth – exponential growth – even in a challenging economic climate.

And xTuple is more than good. Our open source ERP community drives a relentless pace of improvements and refinements to the product. Every user – from the two-person startup using the free PostBooks® Edition to the global enterprises using our commercial Editions – every user benefits from the constant cycles of innovation that make our open source ERP system so powerful.

Since all of the products share the same code base, an enhancement to one Edition can help everyone. Read specifics about enhancements, contributed over the years by dozens of different customers, in our collection of xTuple's Greatest Hits.

It all starts with the core offering of xTuple PostBooks® – the completely free and open source baseline which is itself powered by open source software like the PostgreSQL database, the Qt development environment and our own OpenRPT report writer. All community members – whether they've paid us anything, whether we even know who they are – have access to the full source code of the core open source solution. And thousands of companies are running their business on just that, with no connection to xTuple. And for those companies who want additional vertical functionality, and are more comfortable with a commercial software license, we offer commercial products packaged for distinct industry segments (Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail or any combination)

With our xTuple xChange, you can search a marketplace of add-ons for xTuple ERP – both free downloads and paid products. And of course, both we and our larger community continue to contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the core solution – including PostgreSQL, Qt and OpenRPT. The power of this model has become clear to us – and once you spend some time reviewing our open source ERP solution, we hope you'll join us.

The main hub of our community site is There you will find public forum discussions, our issue tracker for bugs and feature requests, documentation, expanded technical resources for developers, and much more.

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact xTuple sales to learn more, or download xTuple today, and grow your world.

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