What's wrong with OpenMFG? Does this mean you're scaling back your commitment to manufacturers?

Not at all. The Manufacturing Edition of xTuple ERP continues to be our most advanced product, and our licensing and pricing for it is unaffected by all this excitement. Quite the contrary, our support of manufacturers has never been stronger - here's why. Very simply, it is the most advanced manufacturing functionality that constitutes most of the difference between the free PostBooks Edition and the paid Manufacturing Edition. (The Standard Edition, targeted at distributors and retailers, falls somewhere in the middle.) That has two very significant implications for manufacturing:

  • Many of our biggest paying customers will continue to be manufacturers, and we will do everything in our power to make sure they are deliriously happy with the Manufacturing Edition of xTuple ERP, and level of service they receive.
  • In order for us to continue to command a premium for the Manufacturing (and Standard) Edition, we will have to keep innovating - and adding advanced functionality that the larger PostBooks community might not find interesting or necessary.