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xTuple Mobile Web

xTuple 4 includes our first-ever Mobile Web application, fully integrated with classic Desktop client

xTuple Mobile Web app - browsers - tablets - smartphones

Over three years in the making, the xTuple Mobile Web client is a 100% JavaScript, HTML5-based application which works on any modern tablet, smartphone or desktop Web browser. Version 4.0 implements the entire xTuple CRM module in the mobile framework, including contacts, opportunities and pipeline management, to-do lists, projects and incidents/trouble tickets. Version 4.1 adds the Sales module, and an integration with open source business intelligence tools. More recent versions have added mobile Inventory Management for warehouse environments, manufacturing/shop floor control, and a new Quality Control module.

xTuple Mobile Web Now Available On-Site

The xTuple Mobile Web client is also fully interoperable with the xTuple Desktop client, which runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux. Office-bound users can work with the familiar Desktop platform, while sales and operations people can now work from tablets or smartphones – on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. See xTuple Mobile vs. Desktop for more information on the two platforms.

Currently, the Mobile Web client is available either on-site (contact xTuple Sales) or in the xTuple Cloud service. You may also explore the source code at our GitHub repository.