Working with Patch Releases


xTuple patch releases are intentionally designed to be small in scope. They typically include a small number of discrete bug fixes—and nothing more. This gives xTuple patch releases the dual advantage of having minimal impact on your business, while at the same time making them easy to upgrade to.

Patch releases (also known as "dot releases") are any releases which use the third and last segment of a version number. For example:

4.0.0 - Major release
4.1.0 - Minor release
4.1.1 - Patch release

Upgrading to a Patch Release

To migrate your already existing xTuple database from an earlier version to a patch release, follow these steps:

1. Locate the upgrade scripts you will need. For example, the script 'manufacturing-upgrade-495.gz` will upgrade you from an earlier version of the Manufacturing Edition to version 4.9.5.

2. Make a backup copy of your current database.

3. Log in to your current database with the Updater application

4. Using the Updater, open the first upgrade script you need and then run it. Continue this process for as many scripts as you need to run to reach the patch release version

5. Download the GUI client application for the patch release version.

6. Replace your previous GUI client with the new GUI client for the patch release version. For example, if you originally installed xTuple using the all-in-one installer for Windows, your GUI client would be located here:

C:\Program Files\xTuple\Client

Keep in mind, before you can replace your previous GUI client you must first un-zip the new GUI client file you downloaded. For example, when you first download a GUI client file for a patch release onto your computer, the Windows version of the file will look like this:

Once you un-zip the file, you will find located inside another folder containing all the files you will need. In the example above, the folder would be named as follows:


To replace your existing GUI client files with the new GUI client files for the patch release, you have two options:

A. Copy the new files and paste them into your existing directory, thus overwriting your existing files. Again, if you originally used the all-in-one installer, you would be replacing the files in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\xTuple\Client


B) Remove your existing GUI client folder and replace it with the new one. To avoid potential version conflicts, it's important that you move your old folder to a different location. Once the new folder is in place, your installation will look something like this:

C:\Program Files\xTuple\xtuple-3.5.3

This step works exactly the same whether replacing a folder on your local machine or on a network share. Keep in mind: You may need to give the new folder the same name as the old folder if you are working in a network share environment.

7. Log in to your upgraded database using the new GUI client application

8. That's it!

Starting Fresh with a Patch Release

At the present time, xTuple does not provide installers for its patch releases. If you want to start fresh with a patch release—meaning you don't have an existing xTuple database you need to migrate forward—then please see the documentation available on the xTuple community website for more information about installing xTuple. You may also be interested in reading the related Installing the Database article.