What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning.

Enterprise Resource Planning software consolidates all business operations into one system.

Your ERP’s same shared database connects your “front end” sales and customer service to all back-office activity, such as finance and accounting (receivables, payables, and general ledger); manufacturing, warehouse and delivery operations; purchasing and inventory management; materials, product and production planning and capacity; vendor management, etc.

That same shared database makes possible the integrated management of your core business processes, in real-time and error-free, facilitated by software and technology.

ERP is not a mere IT investment; ERP is an investment in growth and creating value for your business.

Why use ERP?

Companies who seek out ERP lament how their disparate billing and purchase order software, manufacturing operations, spreadsheets, less sophisticated accounting-only solutions, and one-off contact management systems are not only ineffective and inefficient, the piecemeal collection gets in the way of growing their business profitably.

ERP’s greatest benefit is the elimination of multiple, separate software solutions, so that everyone in your company works together, sharing and managing the same information rather than fighting over it.