UPS WorldShip


In this article we will provide an overview describing xTuple ERP's support for "UPS WorldShip" integration. "UPS WorldShip" is a Windows-based, shipping software application for UPS customers who have high-volume shipping needs. When UPS WorldShip and xTuple ERP are integrated, you have the ability to export key UPS information—that is, tracking numbers and freight charges—directly into xTuple ERP. 

Note: For technical support using and/or configuring UPS WorldShip, please contact your local or area UPS WorldShip representative. Detailed "WorldShip" integration information can also be found on the UPS website.

Basic Requirements

The requirements for setting up UPS WorldShip to communicate with xTuple ERP include the following:

  • Install UPS WorldShip software on a networked workstation

  • Download and install ODBC driver for PostgreSQL

Note: The ODBC driver for PostgreSQL is needed so the UPS WorldShip software can export shipping information to an xTuple ERP database. xTuple ERP databases run on the PostgreSQL database server.

  • Configure UPS WorldShip to auto-export using the PostgreSQL ODBC driver

  • Create user-defined field for entering xTuple ERP sales order numbers and shipment numbers
  • Define export mapping to associate UPS WorldShip data fields with corresponding xTuple ERP data fields

UPS WorldShip supports both import and export maps. However, for integration with xTuple ERP, you only need an export map since the communication is one-way. The following screenshot shows a sample export map created using the UPS WorldShip mapping utility:

Export Map in UPS WorldShip


In our example, we have created a map called "export." The map type is "Shipment," which indicates the data export will occur when the shipment is shipped using UPS WorldShip, and the ODBC driver used to export the data to the xTuple ERP database is called "openmfg."

The following screenshot shows the utility you would use to edit your export map within UPS WorldShip:

WorldShip Utility for Editing Export Map


Your primary goal when creating an export map is to match UPS WorldShip tables and fields with the corresponding xTuple ERP database tables and fields. The following table provides you with the information you will need to successfully map the tables and fields from one system to the other.


Data Mapping Information
WorldShip Table WorldShip Field xTuple ERP Table xTuple ERP Field
Package Tracking Number shipdata shipdata_cosmisc_packnum_tracknum
Package Package Type shipdata shipdata_package_type
Package Reference 1 shipdata shipdata_cohead_number
Package Reference 2 shipdata shipdata_shiphead_number
Package Tracking Number shipdata shipdata_cosmisc_tracknum
Shipment Information Void Indicator shipdata shipdata_void_ind
Shipment Information Actual Weight shipdata shipdata_weight
Shipment Information Total Shipment & Handling Charges shipdata shipdata_total_freight
Shipment Information Service Type shipdata shipdata_billing_option
Shipment Information Total Shipper Charge shipdata shipdata_base_freight