Upgrade Checklist: Pilot Phase


The Pilot Phase is intended to provide the opportunity to test the upgrade process and review application changes in advance of upgrading the final production version of the database.  This is a critical phase which requires a cross functional group of individuals who are familiar with parts of the application pertaining to their area of expertise such as accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, etc.  Skipping this phase can be detrimental to your daily business operation in that upgrading without review of the system changes can become disruptive if users experience error messages or inaccurate data.  As stated earlier, enterprise applications are complex and have a insignificant number or relationships between tables, queries, and reports.  Upgrades or system changes should not be taken lightly, rather they should be tested and reviewed at every phase. 


The basis for the pilot will be a backup copy of your current production database.  There are two approaches to backing up up a database the first is the command line approach and the second is to use the GUI tools in PGAdmin.  Below are links with further instructions:

Pilot Database

Once you've created a back up version of the production database, restore this copy to a database you intend to migrate.  The restore instructions are included in the PGAdmin administration instructions.

Upgrade Pilot

The next step is to upgrade the pilot database to the current version of xTuple.  In order to complete this task the Updater tool is required for further instructions regarding where to find the xTuple Updater and update packages please see instructions below:

Correct Data

Correct any data issues discovered during the migration process and document these in a Data Correction List so you are ready to apply them during the production migration process.  If you need additional help related to data issue, xTuple provides a variety of materials and services to assist.

  • Consult the xTuple Website for help resolving Version-Specific Upgrade Issues.
  • xTuple community forums are available at no charge to active users
  • xTuple and network of partners provide customer support services for companies who are currently using the application in Production
  • xTuple and network of partners provide onsite and remote consulting for more complex issues which can't be resolved via customer support

Execute Process Flows

Run your updated Business Process Flows developed during the planning phase of the upgrade.

  • Validate the screen-based outcomes for each process flow
    • Review user interface changes with key stakeholders to identify areas which may require training
    • Update Business Process Flows with any new changes uncovered
  • Validate the document-based outcomes (e.g., Purchase Order, Packing List, Invoice, etc.) for each process flow
    • Review all the reports currently in use
    • Verify there no issues with peripherals such as printers or scanners

Remediation List

Create a list of issues related to items on your Enhancements Catalog found during the pilot phase. Prioritize issues, assign owners, and identify resolution for each item.  This is essentially a list of actions required to complete the upgrade which will be revisited during the final pilot and upgrade to production database which include enhancement fixes and report definitions.

Privileges List

Some releases include new privileges requested by customers.  Take a moment to review the new privileges and create a list of users / groups who will need new privileges after migration to the new release.  For more information about privileges see below:

Fix Enhancements and Reports

Before completing final pilot make sure all the issues listed on the Remediation List have been resolved and reports have been updated to accommodate new version changes.

Final Pilot

Before you conduct your upgrade on the production database create a final pilot database for the purpose of executing the Business Process Flows with the remediated enhancements and reports.  Verify with the stakeholders that they are satisfied with the upgrade outcome and require no further changes or training.


Update existing training materials and coordinate one on one sessions or group training classes.  Make sure to inform users what to expect on go-live.  Communicate when the cut-over will occur, whether there will be any black out periods, and who will be troubleshooting issues.

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