Upgrade Checklist: Cutover Phase


Cutover is the phase in which you transition your production environment from the old version of the application to the current version.  If the planning and piloting phase were executed properly cutover should not lead to serious issues.  After piloting one or two times a remediation list should have been created in anticipation of cutover so as to keep track of any additional tasks to be executed when switching to production. 


All users should be logged off the system while executing the upgrade of database.  It's important to notify users well in advance of any down time or blackout periods so they can plan their work accordingly. 


Always backup copy of your current production database.  There are two approaches to backing up up a database the first is the command line approach and the second is to use the GUI tools in PGAdmin.  Below are links with further instructions:

Correct Data

Apply the data corrections you discovered in the pilot phase and documented in the Data Correction List.   If you need additional help related to data issues, xTuple provides a variety of materials and services to assist.

  • Consult the xTuple Website for help resolving Version-Specific Upgrade Issues.
  • xTuple community forums are available at no charge to active users
  • xTuple and network of partners provide customer support services for companies who are currently using the application in Production
  • xTuple and network of partners provide onsite and remote consulting for more complex issues which can't be resolved via customer support
  • xTuple Network Services will actually manage upgrades for customers


The next step is to upgrade the production database to the current version of xTuple.  In order to complete this task the Updater tool is required for further instructions regarding where to find the xTuple Updater and update packages please see instructions below:


Using the remediation list created during the pilot phase, fix enhancements and report definitions.

Deploy xTuple Client

Make sure all the users have the new client installed on their computers.  This can be installed by the local IT staff or instructions can be forwarded with a link to the zip file with the client application.

Update Privileges

Based on the pilot testing make sure all appropriate users/groups have the correct privileges, including any new or custom privileges added in the new release.  For more information regarding privileges see the following documentation:


Notify users that xTuple database is back online and available for use.


It's critical to put aside time in the day or two following the cutover for any troubleshooting or unanticipated issues.  It's not uncommon for issues to crop up where users may not have understood training, reports got missed, or enhancements were overlooked.  Use the Business Process flow documents to monitor production processes.

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