Supported Versions and End of Life Policy: What is Timeline of xTuple Releases?

This document describes xTuple's end of life policy (EOL), as well as providing a timeline of historical xTuple releases and features.

Guidelines for "end of life" policy regarding supported versions

xTuple provides commercial support for the past seven (7) minor releases of the software. For example, if the current shipping release is 5.0.0, then xTuple would support versions 4.7.0 through 5.0.0. Any specific releases deemed unsupportable will be listed below. If you are running an unsupportable release, please contact xTuple to arrange for an upgrade.

Supported releases

The currently supported releases appear below in bold. You can find information about key features listed below each of the major (e.g., 5.0.0, 4.0.0) and minor (e.g. 4.12.0, 4.11.0) release versions.

5.1.0 - February 2020. Currently supported release

  • Features
    • Lots of bug fixes have been added to the application since the 5.0.0 release. Our focus has been on improving overall quality and functionality.

      Of particular interest are the following:

      • Ability to calculate tax with Avalara using Latitude and Longitude
      • A number of bug fixes were contributed by the community members named above.
    • Release notes on GitHub (login required)

5.0.0 - July 2019. Currently supported release

  • Features
    • This release includes major changes to CRM functionality and the tax system, including integration with Avalara. There are significant changes to how CRM and tax data are stored in the database, so you may need to update customized scripts, reports, and MetaSQL queries. In addition, the deprecated portions of the Script Toolbox have been removed as previously announced, which may also require script updates. The updatetodb and deprecatedtb utilities can help with this process.

4.12.2 - August 2019. Currently supported release

  • 4.12.1  - June 2019. Upgrade to 4.12.2 recommended
  • 4.12.0 - May 2019. Upgrade to 4.12.2 recommended
    • Features
      • Recurring Sales Orders
      • Bulk replacement and other improvements to contacts screen
      • Address search functionality
      • Document characteristics and other document tab enhancements
      • Release notes on GitHub (login required)

4.11.3 - April 2018. Currently supported release

  • 4.11.2 - Dec 2017. Upgrade to 4.11.3 recommended
  • 4.11.1 - Oct 2017. Upgrade to 4.11.3 recommended
  • 4.11.0 - Aug 2017. Upgrade to 4.11.3 recommended
    • Features
      • Expanded xTupleCommerce and REST API functionality
      • Landed Cost
      • Continue performance improvements
      • Reduce database locking during inventory distribution*
      • Quality extension in the desktop client
      • Prototype scriptable widgets
      • Release notes on GitHub (login required)

4.10.0 - Oct 2016. Currently supported release

  • Features
    • Lay the groundwork for an ERP dashboards extension. Version 1.0.0RC of the dashboards extension is available for commercial customers.
    • Implement Feature Mob 2 features
    • Update technology infrastructure
    • Improve desktop application performance
  • Of particular interest are the following features:
    • Improved support for VAT, particularly with regard to purchasing and tax reporting
    • Introduction of a simplified sales order entry window
    • Introduction of List Price Schedules
    • Increased availability of the Documents tab
    • Password reset policies
  • The technology upgrades include Qt 5 for updated web and JavaScript features, bug fixes, and performance improvements; PostgreSQL 9.3 for internal features; and ossp-uuid for standardized UUID assignment and performance. We have increased scripting access to a number of Qt 5 classes as well, including networking and web technologies, JavaScript, and serial port control.

4.9.5 - May 2016. Currently supported release

  • 4.9.3 - Feb 2016. Upgrade to 4.9.5 recommended
  • 4.9.2 - Oct 2015. Upgrade to 4.9.5 recommended
  • 4.9.1 - Sept 2015. Upgrade to 4.9.5 recommended
  • 4.9.0 - Jul 2015. Upgrade to 4.9.5 recommended
    • Features
      • User-configurable shortcuts on the application desktop
      • A host of new capabilities for mobile inventory management and label printing
      • The ability to manage and sell time- and inventory-based events such as training classes.
      • Release notes on GitHub (login required)

4.8.1 - Jan 2015. Currently supported release

  • 4.8.0 - Dec 2014. Upgrade to 4.8.1 recommended
    • Features
      • Desktop, the classic interface available on Windows, Mac and Linux, adds dozens of new enhancements, including expanded support for electronic payments, more powerful options for custom scripting, automated bank reconciliation, integration with third party payroll services, and an expanded Time and Attendance clock/subsystem
      • Mobile Web interface adds support for mobile barcode scanning within various warehouse transactions, as well as mobile label printing. Warehouse workers can pick, ship, receive, and put away items with a wireless laser scanner. As part of this new development, the Mobile Web interface can now print any existing report in the Desktop client using the free and open source (FOSS) OpenRPT report writer, available from xTuple
      • Additionally, Quality Management System, which works with both Mobile Web and Desktop clients, delivers rigorous structure for inspection testing and ISO 9000 quality control. QMS is built with the new Workflow subsystem, which is available to all three of the primary xTuple client interfaces
      • xTupleCommerce customer-facing website added a number of new features, including integration, saved shopping carts, related products, the ability for customers to manage multiple accounts online, customer-specific pricing, and Dimensional Weight UPS freight quoting
      • Release notes on GitHub (login required)

    Unsupported releases/history

    The following releases are no longer supported. For information on key features, please see the listing below each major and minor version.

    4 Series

    • 4.7.0 - Oct 2014

      • Features
        • Add support for automated bank reconciliation
        • Move time & attendance into its own package
        • Add the ability to enter an alternate exchange rate on a Cash Receipt
        • Multiple updates for Mobile Web application
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required) 
    • 4.6.0 - Aug 2014
      • Features
        • Signature capture in Mobile Web application
        • Added the ability to enter an alternate exchange rate on a Cash Receipt
        • Multiple updates for Mobile Web application
    • 4.5.2 - July 2014
    • 4.5.1 - June 2014
    • 4.5.0 - June 2014
      • Features
        • Implement cash based VAT tax distribution
        • Add the ability to enter an alternate exchange rate on a Cash Receipt
        • Expose More Widgets Functions to Scripting
        • Hiding the Commission rate from the customer entry screen
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required)
    • 4.4.2 - July 2014
    • 4.4.1 - May 2014
    • 4.4.0 - April 2014
      • Features
        • Includes hundreds of new features and fixes for both the classic Desktop and Mobile Web clients
        • Sophisticated enhancements to multi-site shipping
        • Inventory reservations
        • Configurable sales order entry screen
        • Improvements to manufacturing time and attendance tracking
        • Finance charges
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required)
    • 4.3.1 - Mar 2014
    • 4.3.0 - Feb 2014
      • Features
        • Auto-updating Desktop client
        • Blanket Purchase Orders
        • Undo Bank Reconciliations
        • Lot reservations
        • A/R and A/P Workbenches
        • Distribution Edition replaces the former Standard Edition
        • Integration of third party pricing services including Trade Service
        • Browse and search the full Trade Service catalog (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Industrial)
        • One-click conversion from catalog to sellable Item including Vendor and pricing setup
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required)
    • 4.2.1 - Nov 2013
    • 4.2.0 - Nov 2013
      • Features
        • The ability to edit Work Orders within Sales Orders (a key feature for wholesale distributors)
        • Major enhancements to Lot/Serial tracking
        • System-wide implementation of document management, with the ability to attach documents of any type to any order, form, or base record
        • Mobile Web client now includes several functional elements of the Inventory module, including the ability to issue stock from a sales order
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required)
    • 4.1.0 - Sept 2013
      • Features
        • Integrates an open source business intelligence (BI) suite with the Mobile Web client
        • Includes deep-dive sales analytics capability from the Pentaho BI community edition
        • Simple graphical dashboards for several modules
        • Adds the Sales module to the Mobile Web client, joining CRM and Project modules
        • Major enhancements to manufacturing time clock management
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required)
    • 4.0.5 - June 2013
    • 4.0.4 - May 2013
    • 4.0.3 - Apr 2013
    • 4.0.2 - Feb 2013
    • 4.0.1 - Jan 2013
    • 4.0.0 - Dec 2012
      • Features
        • New Social Desktop, featuring integrated intra-company Instant Messaging
        • Cost Plus Pricing
        • Enhanced Job Costing
        • Significant enhancements to Projects and Corporate/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
        • First ever Mobile Web client, optimized for a multi-tenant Cloud hosting environment
        • Release notes on GitHub (login required)

    3 Series

    2 Series

    1 Series