Part 5 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Reduce Inventory

In the past when you managed your inventory, you probably overstocked to make sure you could meet production needs, or you were forced to expedite products at a higher cost because you were understocked. With so many processes happening at once, it can be hard to manage your inventory. With xTuple, you can! And do it better than your competition!

Because xTuple provides high level inventory tools, you can manage your warehouse with our sophisticated tracking system — reducing investment in inventory while eliminating stock outages.

Begin by clicking the Inventory Availability shortcut. You can look at all inventory, a product line, or a particular product’s unallocated and allocated resources. You’ll be able to trace any existing product, part, or ingredient, as well as manage new products and formulas.

xTuple’s Material Requirements Planning report will make planning suggestions for manufacturing or purchasing. Based on synced supply and demand scenarios, the M-R-P report can help you manage orders and lead times to better allocate your inventory capacity.

xTuple also provides tools for identifying and categorizing fast and slow moving items, so you can optimize your inventory usage as well as reduce any unnecessary assets or carrying costs!

Optimize your inventory by implementing xTuple today!