Part 4 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Reduce Operational Costs

If your operational processes aren’t automated, employees are having to manually report their production information, increasing the opportunity for human error and misinformation. Because you need to reduce errors and capture accurate information, with xTuple, you can do just that!

Employees need an easy button. xTuple provides simple tools to give instructions to workers to perform their job better.

Whether used online or in print, the xTuple Shop/Production Traveler created from work orders provides the documentation guides for a production team or individual to perform a manufacturing process. The traveler instructs the worker on which raw materials to acquire and provides step-by-step production instructions filled with pictures and barcodes to track progress. The individual can capture all costs in real-time with no double entry. The Bill of Materials (or BOM) provides complete visibility allowing them to track material and operational flow.

xTuple provides a Shop Floor time clock that allows employees to simply scan their badge, work order form, or operation, and clock in or out. This feature improves accuracy and empowers you to manage your production schedule more efficiently. You can even measure estimated versus actual costs over the life of a job and produce accurate, high quality, analysis-based financial reports.

See how you can reduce operational costs with xTuple!