Part 3 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Increase Production Efficiency

So often you hear from manufacturing managers that it’s hard to schedule production in a timely manner with disconnected input from the sales team. And sales needs a way to generate fast, accurate quotes with realistic lead times and delivery dates. xTuple makes both.

With xTuple’s integrated system, sales can view an automated production order without having to consult the manufacturing department.

And the manufacturing manager can see demand without having to speak directly with the sales department. The manager can navigate to already scheduled production orders by clicking “Manufacture” in the “Main Menu” ... and then clicking on “Order Schedule” in the app. Here the manager can see all of the orders that are currently in place.

Using xTuple’s Material Requirements Planning (or MRP), managers can make strategic business decisions planned orders needed, with critical real-time information. They can even get a detailed look at specific orders by highlighting and right clicking ... or opening the work order.

xTuple’s software delivers easy access to monitor day-to-day job-related activities, costs, scrap, and raw material quality during production. With total visibility into the company supply chain, manufacturing now has complete control over production planning.

Let xTuple help increase your production efficiency!