Part 2 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Increase Workforce Productivity

In manufacturing and distribution industries, the systems for different areas in the company usually use separate databases. This creates wasted time going from one application to the next and can force you to double-enter information, or miss something important altogether. You need a way to improve your internal communication and workflow. That way is xTuple!

Because with xTuple, you have the ability to manage your business communication in one central place.

Instantly familiarize yourself with customer conversations — using the comment history — for a quick review of sales, collections, shipping, and more — all in one central repository in the Customer Workbench.

Start taking orders by clicking “Sales” to get to the “Sales Order” Screen. Click “New Sales Order” in the app and choose a Customer number. See how customer information quickly pops up? From here you can search or add a “New” item on the fly.

Any required work order can be instantly connected to the sales order to streamline the order to production to invoice processes. And you can see the status of every operation, by department and by workcenter, to know immediately what’s happening on your shop floor.

With all of the information on one system, xTuple helps cut production time and reduces errors while keeping all departments connected, with instant access in real-time.

See how xTuple can help you with improved workforce productivity!