Part 1 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Turn Leads into Sales & Grow Profits

Many manufacturing and distribution companies today have sales representatives who are also customer relationship managers. Their current system usually divides CRM and ERP applications. No one wants to spend more time researching a customer and less time growing a profit. Because with xTuple, you can do both!

xTuple offers tight integration between CRM and ERP, allowing sales representatives to improve customer relationships as well as maximize sales through instant access to sales history, pricing, inventory availability, and product substitutions.

How does this work? Start by clicking CRM in the main menu. Right away, the sales representative has access to all activities, tasks, to-dos, and opportunities available to grow their customer pipeline.

The sales person can look up — and change — customer information by clicking the Customer Workbench in the app. Here they have access to contact info, shipping details, and terms allowing them to track customers and their buying habits to improve sales and better serve them.

The Customer Workbench is where the sales associate can process, track, and analyze customer returns and complaints more efficiently as well as have an intimate look at sales summaries and accounting information. Managers have the power to give their sales associates access to the ERP data they need to succeed.

See how xTuple's integrated CRM and ERP system turns your leads into sales and grow profits!