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Installing Packages or Extensions in xTuple ERP

Packages are used to extend the functionality of xTuple ERP. Review these simple steps for installing packages into the system.

Packages (also referred to as "extensions") are used to “extend” the functionality of xTuple ERP. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to install extension packages. The process starts with downloading the standalone Updater application, which is used to install packages into xTuple ERP.

  1. Download the xTuple Updater from the xTuple website.
  2. Install the Updater on your machine.
  3. Download the desired xTuple package to your machine.
  4. Open the Updater.
  5. Log into the ERP through the Updater.
  6. Click YES.
  7. Go to File > Open.
  8. Locate the package on your file system
  9. Then click Open.
  10. The Updater will say “Ready to Start update!”
  11. Click START UPDATE.
  12. It may take a few seconds for the extension to be installed.
  13. You will see a message saying, “The Update is now complete!”
  14. Close the Updater.
  15. Open the xTuple ERP client and log in.
  16. Your package should now be installed.
  17. To confirm this, go to System > Setup > Packages.
  18. You should see the extension in the list of packages.