Import Report (importrpt) Reference

The command-line tool importrpt can be used to import report definitions into an xTuple database from files located on your file system.


importrpt - Report definition import tool.


-databaseURL=<connection URL> -username=<user name> -passwd=<password> -grade=<number> -f=<report definition> <report


Importrpt is a command-line tool for loading report definitions from a file into a database.


-databaseURL=<connection URL>

Specify the connection information that importrpt should use when loading a report definition. The connection URL is in the following format:


In the connection URL, the servername is the host or IP address of the server where the database is running.

The database is the name of the actual database you want to connect to on the specified server. The last option, port, is optional. If included, it must follow the color and be a valid port number. If the port is not specified, the default port of '5432' is used. For example, if you wanted to connect to the database 'mydb' on the server '' using the default port, you would use the following URL:


Similarly, if you wanted to connect to the database 'dbtest' on the server '' using the port 2345 you would use the following connection URL:


The user name you are using to connect to the server and database.


The password for the user name you specified.


The grade used to load a report into the database. A numeric value from 0 to 99 is valid. The default value is 0 if this option is not specified.


The name of the report definition file (as it appears on your disk) that you are loading into the database. Any additional arguments that are present and do not begin with a hyphen (-) will be used as the file to load.

-f=<report definition>