Import Report GUI (importrptgui) Tool

The graphical, easy-to-use version of the importrpt command line tool simplifies the process of loading report definitions into your xTuple database from your file system.


The importrptgui tool is designed to simplify the process of uploading multiple reports to an xTuple ERP database.

When you open the utility, you will notice you are brought to the standard log in screen. Log in to the database where you want to upload your reports--these may be newly created reports, or updated versions of already existing reports.

Using the ADD button on the GUI screen, browse for the directory where the report .xml files are located on your system. Once you have located and opened the directory where the files are stored, you may add them individually by double-clicking on them one-at-a-time. Or you may select all or a subset of the total using your window manager.

If after you are done adding reports to the list you find a report which you do not want to upload, simply hightlight the reoprt and select the REMOVE button. THe report will be removed from the list, and it will not be uploaded. Once you are satisfied with your list of reports, highlight individual reports or use the SELECT ALL button to select all the reports for importing. Once the desired reports have been highlighted, select the IMPORT button. The hightlighted reports will be uploaded to the database you loggted into at the beginning of your session.

By default all the reports you load into the importrptgui tool will be loaded with a grade of 0. If you wish to change this you may do so on a report-by-report basis. To do this double-click a report definition that you have opened. This will present you with a screen that allows you to change the value of the grade that report will be loaded as.

To exit, select the EXIT option from the "File" menu.