How do I set a default tax type?

This question applies to the scenario where you want to make a certain tax applicable as a default for every item in your database, without making individual changes on each Item master.

There is a feature in versions 4.11 and beyond to provide default tax set up for in the class code configuration for items. This feature can be found in Setup > Products > Class Codes > NEW (or EDIT if you already have a class code you would like to modify). When you assign a pre-configured class code to an item, it will default to the correct tax types as well.

The other option is to schedule a job to update Items with the correct tax types. Typically, value added tax (VAT) is fairly consistent, (for example all Items must be tax type = Taxable), so we can do this. If your country's tax laws are different, then this logic may not work for you.

There is an API view called api.itemtaxtype which can be used to bulk update item tax types.

This is an example of the code to update all items (you will need to adjust it according to your specific requirements) prior to the class code feature:

INSERT INTO api.itemtaxtype
SELECT item_number, 'Any', 'Taxable'
FROM item i
WHERE i.item_number NOT IN (SELECT item_number FROM api.itemtaxtype)