How do I schedule a report?

When xTuple Connect is installed, you will see a SCHEDULE button appearing near the top of most screens. This option, when selected, passes the current list parameters into the report options. Once a report has been scheduled, you can edit the job and also make it recurring from System > xTuple Connect Console. Date-based parameters will also automatically update based on the schedule frequency.

For non-list reports, go to System > Design > MetaSQL Statements and schedule an appropriate query. When processing a MetaSQL job, you will get to the Review EDI screen, where you will see an Attachments tab. On that tab, you can define a report attachment and the name of the report you want scheduled. For these types of reports, it is better to code the variable parameters into a custom report, as the parameters are not set from a screen. In this way, you know what is going to be used to generate the report.