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How do I import data into xTuple?

There are two methods for importing data into the database of xTuple ERP.

  • CSVimp
    First, xTuple offers an application called CSVimp that is designed to migrate Comma Separated Value (CSV) files into the database for the xTuple Applications. You can download CSVimp from our download site. Detailed instructions for using CSVimp are available in our documents section.
  • xTuple API
    The second method is to use the API. The goal of the xTuple Application Programmer Interface (API) is to make migrating data directly into the database much safer and easier than it is going directly into the regular table structure. Our appoach is to allow users to create, access, and update xTuple documents using a special database schema that closely mirrors the graphical user interface (GUI). If you have a GitHub account, as well as access to the xTuple repositories, you can learn more in our article about using the API to export from xTuple ERP (login required).