Frequently Asked Questions - XTN


xTuple Network offers 3 levels of service to help you manage your Upgrades, Backups and Database Optimization and Tuning.
 - XTN Basic - xTuple performs the upgrades on your database at a mutually convenient time.  Upon publishing a new version, we create a sandbox for you to test the latest functionality, and you let us know when you're ready to migrate to the next version.
 - XTN Backup - includes database upgrades (above) and adds a nightly backup service 5 nights a week.  The backups are stored on your server, as well as in our data center.  This redundancy provides peace of mind that your critical business data are protected and available for restore in the case of a disaster - natural or otherwise.
- XTN Premium - includes the upgrade service and nightly backups, and adds database tuning and optimization.  For larger databases, we recommend this service which is an iterative process based on how particular installations utilize xTuple ERP functionality.


All xTuple ERP installations are eligible for XTN Services whether running Manufacturing Edition, Standard Edition or Postbooks.

A copy of the backup is stored on your server and another copy is securely sent to our data center.  This ensures that you will always have the latest copy of your database available.

The backup is scheduled to run during the night and we coordinate it with other automated tasks that may also run over night, such as the Batch Manager.


Peace of mind.  
Protection of critical business data.
There are numerous backup and upgrade options available, but knowing that you have access to your backups at any time, along with the added protection of offsite storage is the ultimate disaster recovery plan.


We setup SSH (Secure Shell) encrypted tunnel.  We run the nightly backup, leave a copy of the file on your server and send a copy of the file to our data center.  We store one of the the backups for each week for one year.

xTuple handles the restore of your most recent backup to minimize down time and data loss.


Please contact Danielle Kerner for more information or to enroll in XTN.  
Phone - 757-461-3022 x 118