Webinar - Squashing Bugs to Meet Steve Wozniak: Calling all Open Source Developers

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 1:15pm
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TRACK: Technology Solutions

LEAD: Steve Hackbarth, Director of Software Development

Cost: Complimentary


In this webinar, we kick off the next quadrennial open source developer contest, haxTuple 2014. As in previous incarnations, xTuple opens our Qt Desktop client bug-shooting derby to the global open source community, with prizes for the most effective bug-squashers! This year, we also introduce our new technologies by opening the competition up for our Web-based application as well. Those who write the best JavaScript extensions or REST clients earn prizes. This event is a prelude to xTupleCon14, October 13-18, 2014. Learn more at https://www.xtuple.com/xtuplecon14.


xTuple — World's #1 Open Source ERP.

Join us for the live announcement and rules review, followed by a question and answer (Q&A) session.

More information on the haxTuple weekend hackathon (with pizza and beer), and even more information about haxTuple on GitHub.

Steve Wozniak at xTupleCon14

More on our last competition, haxTuple 2010: http://www.xtuple.com/press/open-source-erp-xtuple-announces-winner-haxtuple-developer-contest