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Sales Module

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Quote (New, List)
Sales Order (New, List, Open, Reschedule) 
     Sales and Order Reservations   
          Uninvoiced Shipments 
          Select All Shipped Orders for Billing 
          Select Order for Billing 
         Billing Edit List 
          Billing Selections  
          Post Billing Selections 
          List Unposted Invoices 
          Post Invoices 
     Credit Memo (New, List Unposted, Edit List, Post) 
          Print Invoices, by Ship Via  
          Re-Print Invoices 
          Schedule Invoices for Email Delivery (requires Connect)       
          Print/Re-Print Credit Memos
          Print Sales Order Form 
          Print Return Authorization Form  
          Send Adv. Shipping Notification (ASN) (requires Connect)       
          Packing List Batch, Print Packing List
     Returns Management (New, List Open, Workbench)  
          Quote (by Customer, by Item) 
          Sales Order (by Customer, Type, Customer PO, Item)
          Sales Order Status 
          Summarized Backlog 
          Backlog (by Customer, Type, Group, S/O, Prod Cat., Item)
          Partially Shipped Orders 
          Reservations by Item  
          Inventory Availability (by Sales Order, Item) 
          Earned Commissions 
          Summarized Taxable Sales 
          Customers (by Customer Type, Characteristic) 
          Bookings (by Rep, Cust., Group, Ship-To, Prod. Cat., Item) 
          Time Phased Bookings (by Customer, Product Cat., Item) 
          Sales History (by Sales Rep, Customer, Type, Group) 
          Sales History (Bill-to-Name, Ship-To, Product Cat., Item)  
          Brief Sales History (by Sales Rep, Customer, Type) 
          Summarized Sales History (by Rep, Shipping Zone/Item) 
          Summarized Sales History (by Customer, Type/Item) 
          Time Phased Sales History (by Customer, Group, Item) 
     Prospect (New, List, Search) 
     Customer (New, List, Search, Workbench, Types, Groups) 
     Item Pricing 
          Item List Price 
          Update List Prices
          Pricing Schedules 
          Pricing Schedule Assignment 
          Update Prices (by Product Category, Pricing Schedule) 
          Prices by Customer Type, Customer, Item 
     Master Information
          Sales Reps
          Shipping Zones, Ship Vias, Shipping Charge Types
          Tax Codes, Shipping Forms 
          Sales Categories, Terms 
          Sales, A/R Account Assignments 
          Customer Form Assignments 
          Reassign Customer Type by Customer Type
          Update Credit Status by Customer  
          Purge Invoices, Purge Credit Memos 
          Allocate Sales Order Reservations   
          Archive/Restore Sales History   
Quote and Sales Order Entry Management    
      Trade Service Spec Sheet & Image    
          Viewable from Order Entry    
          Links on Quote, Sales Order, Invoice Forms    
     Catalog, Item, Item Alias Search (by Cust., Num., Desc.)    
     Re-Sequence Lines    
     Industry Standard Margin Calculation    
     Re-Price One or Many Order Lines with Targeted Margin    
     "Customer Favorite Items" Based on History    
     Cost Plus Pricing (by Customer/Type, Product, Item)    
     Issue Available Inventory and Ship from Sales Order Entry    
     Print Shipping & Acknowledge Forms in Shipping Window    
     Field Level Privileges to Protect Sensitive Cost Information    
     Sales Commissions Reporting Based on Gross Margin    
     Lost Sales Reporting    
     EDI Capability (requires xTuple Connect)      


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