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Products Module

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     Items (by Product Category, Class, Characteristic)
     BOMs (Single Level, Indented, Summarized Sequenced)
     Where Used (Single Level, Indented)
     Pending BOM Changes
     Operations by Work Center    
     Standard Operations by Work Center    
     Capacity UOMs (by Product Category, Class)    
Item (New, List, Search, Copy, Workbench)
Bill of Materials (New, List, Copy, Replace, Expire)
Bill of Operations (New, List, Copy)    
Breeder Bill of Materials (New, List)    
     Maintain Item Costs
     Update Actual Costs (by Item, Class)
     Post Actual Costs (by Item, Class)
     Post Standard Costs (by Item, Class)
          Costed BOM
          Item Costs
     User Defined Costing Elements
Master Information
     Units of Measure
     Class Codes
     Product Categories
     Standard Labor Rates    
     Work Centers    
     Standard Operations    
     Unused Purchased Items
     Undefined Manufactured Items
     BOMs without Component Item Sites
     Reassign Class Codes
     Reassign Product Categories


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