xTuple Comparison — Distribution

Distribution Module

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Integrated 3rd Party Pricing Services (inc. Trade Service)    
     Browse and Search Full Trade Service Catalog    
     One-click Conversion from Catalog to Sellable Item    
          Vendor Setup    
          Pricing Setup    
     Option to Convert to New Sellable Item    
     Option to Setup as Additional Sourcing for Existing Item    
          Supports "Big Bin"    
     Automatic Update of Catalog and Converted Items    
     Define the Trade Service Cost Column Used (by Vendor)    
     Define "parent" relationships between Vendors    
          Consolidate Sourcing    
          Consolidate Payables    
     Integrate Trade Service Commodity Code Levels    
          Into Item List    
     Import Custom Price Sheets    
          Distributor specific (net) pricing    


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