xTuple Comparison — Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Module

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Accounts Payable 
     Purchase Order (New, List, Unposted, Post)  
     Voucher (New, Miscellaneous, List Unposted, Post) 
          New Misc. Credit Memo
          List Unapplied Credit Memos 
          New Misc. Debit Memo
          List Selected 
          Prepare Check Run 
          Create Miscellaneous Check  
          View/Void Check Run
          Post A/P Check(s)
          Print Purchase Order, A/P Check, Check Run
          Uninvoiced Receipts and Returns  
          Unposted Vouchers 
          Open Items by Vendor 
          A/P Aging
          Check Register 
          Vendor History 


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