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View our expanding library of YouTube videos. We document many aspects of the software as well as training sessions and informational webinars.

xTuple Webinars

FREE Monthly Webinars - Check the xTuple Calendar

xTuple offers monthly webinars which are free and available to anyone. You will enjoy a detailed demonstration of a particular feature of the xTuple application, and we dedicate time to answer specific questions from the audience. All webinars are held at 1:15 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT-05:00-US & Canada) - Your Time Zone

Webinar Series: xTuple for Accountants

FREE Monthly Webinars - Check the xTuple Calendar

Webinar Series xTuple for AccountantsxTuple financial management software gives growing companies the functionality they need at an affordable price.

Fixed Assets - Remote Training Class Description

The Fixed Asset Depreciation extension package builds on the Free Fixed Asset extension package by bringing integration with the General Ledger. The Free Fixed Assets package provides detailed information about the number and value of Assets compared to a few generic entries in a General Ledger asset account.

Web store eCommerce integration with xTuple - Remote Training Class Description

xTuple allows for dynamic interchange of data with outside systems via our XML import/export utilities. Join us for an instructional session where we will demonstrate how the integrated XML tools can help you to import orders from your online store and export order status back to the store when you've shipped the product.

xTuple's Director of Internet Strategy, BC Wilson begins this unique remote training class with an overview of xTuple's XML capabilities and concludes with setting up a sample application and exchanging data with a webstore via XML.

OpenRPT - Remote Training Class Description

OpenRPT, the free report writer software that comes with all xTuple editions and is available as a stand-alone product, is a powerful tool for generating reports from your xTuple data.

Join xTuple's Director of Product Training, Mike Atherton, for this unique remote training course which starts with a review of the basics of SQL and concludes with the creation of a new ad hoc report using OpenRPT.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

How do I log in to PostBooks®?

Launch the xTuple Desktop application

You're ready to log in after you download and run the xTuple Desktop client installer on your local computer. Locate the installed application on your computer and launch it.

Get Started with xTuple PostBooks®

xTuple PostBooks

Guide to assist beginners with downloading, installing and using PostBooks® for the first time

xTuple PostBooks® is open source business management software that includes sales, accounting, operations and CRM in a single system. Read more about PostBooks® features or compare PostBooks® and other xTuple commercial editions.

How do I download PostBooks®?

xTuple offers you options with PostBooks®

Like most business software, xTuple ERP uses a client/server model, requiring both a database server component and a client application used to access the database. We've created three ways — all complimentary — for you to download and start using the software, ranked below from the easiest to the more difficult: