Frustrated with QuickBooks, Romey, Inc. makes the move to xTuple

About Romey

International family-owned and -operated beauty products distribution business with multiple facilities in Puerto Rico and the continental United States.

The Problem

The Romey brothers initially chose QuickBooks when they started their beauty supply distribution business. However, they were quickly frustrated by the inaccessibility of their data. Their reporting requirements could not be met by QuickBooks, and they were forced to create numerous spreadsheets to manage inventory and customer information, since there was no place for this data in QuickBooks.

They needed better accounting software and room for business growth.

The Solution

The Romeys needed to combine multiple functions into one integrated database, which would provide data accessibility across multiple areas within their company.

They didn’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and they needed a solution to work with their Mac and Windows-based operating systems at the company.


xTuple delivered a complete solution that addressed the company's financial and business requirements of Inventory Management, Accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — all in one database. Mac and Windows users alike could access the same system, and data.

Migration of data from QuickBooks to xTuple was simple. The company uses the software modules it needs now, with more functionality available when ready to grow into more sophisticated processes, such as manufacturing.

Low cost of xTuple’s software solution allowed for investment in other facets of the company, namely to build distribution facilities in both Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida (USA).

"We really were trying to just get more information. We were working with QuickBooks, and we were having a hard time getting information in and out, and being able to do anything other than just our accounting, and generating invoices."

Vice President
Romey, Inc.

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