Nonprofit ASSET, Inc., says extendability is the xTuple difference

"I'm Rebecca Shapiro. I'm the director of business applications at ASSET, Inc., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are an organization that is nonprofit, and we are helping elementary school teachers and middle school teachers learn to teach hands-on science in the Pennsylvania school districts and charter schools. We've been in business for fifteen (15) years. A part of our service in addition to training the teachers on how to use hands-on science materials - we also refurbish those materials so that the teachers don't have to run to the dollar store to get the various materials to do the experiments. That refurbishment process is a warehousing application, and we had a need to track a lot of inventory, to do work order and sales order, and order fulfillment processing."

"I would say maybe five (5) years ago, xTuple was selected, and about three (3) years ago, we really started to use it for that particular area of the organization, and we are only now getting our finance team to join the group in terms of consolidating all of our information. We had come from a Microsoft Office, Excel, Access applications environment, and the finance team was using QuickBooks until the close of the last fiscal year. This level of business application is new to the organization."

"We've really taken advantage of the features in xTuple. We've implemented the Web Portal to do a business-to-consumer (B2C) shopping cart kind of interface for our sales orders."

"We're using Project Accounting to track our funds. We're a nonprofit, and so we have very specific funding requirements, and Project Accounting has worked very well for that."

"I came from a Microsoft application world, and I have found that working with open source is a very different environment, but nice in that you can really get in there and customize and make things the way you need it without having to incur the expenses of having someone else customize your system. Everything has been - from a developer's perspective - pretty intuitive and easy to learn. So it's the extendability that's good for us."