FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: xTuple & QuickBooks Desktop

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: xTuple & QuickBooks Desktop

Manufacturing & Distribution-centric ERP platform xTuple Integrated with QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) Edition

Companies invested in QBD now able to add robust ERP functionality without disruption.


NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, May 12, 2020 – xTuple, an industry-leading manufacturing and distribution-centric enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform has announced that it is now integrated with the leading accounting software for small business, Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop. “This is exciting news as it addresses requests received from growing manufacturers and distributors already invested in the desktop edition of QuickBooks,” said xTuple CEO Ned Lilly. “Naturally, given the current state of the country and the world, we realize this isn’t the most important development. Still, this has been a frequent request we’ve heard from small manufacturers and distributors over the years, and as companies everywhere are looking to do more with less, and leverage their existing investments, we wanted to share the news.  It’s particularly significant for smaller companies who need the operational power of a full ERP like xTuple, but don’t want to disrupt their existing accounting processes.”

The integration between QBD and xTuple allows companies already using the desktop edition of QuickBooks to add more robust functionality including inventory management, materials requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing-specific sales and production planning and scheduling while maintaining their existing financial reporting and accounting practices. “We understand how the prospect of disrupting accounting may be a turnoff when considering an ERP system,” said Lilly. “Now, companies that want a more robust operations management system can easily integrate xTuple. We know that now, more than ever, especially as companies look to prepare for what is next after the current crisis passes, the ability to manage every aspect of an operation – beyond just accounting and inventory – will be critical.”

xTuple, which works primarily with manufacturing and distribution companies, is taking significant steps to make ERP software more affordable and accessible for small businesses in this difficult time. Lilly explains, “we understand the need for growing companies to preserve capital. So, xTuple is waiving our onboarding fees and has an option for no payments for three months, with low monthly payments thereafter. Like so many of the companies and the industries we serve, xTuple is doing whatever it takes to keep the supply chain moving.”


About xTuple

xTuple is an ERP platform designed to address needs specific to manufacturing and distribution. Leading with a commitment to Customer Success, xTuple helps hundreds of companies across industries and levels of complexity improve control over processes and productivity. A comprehensive and scalable platform, xTuple provides streamlined operations and critical insight for better, more impactful decisions to achieve sustainable profitability.

xTuple is a technology company that thinks like a manufacturer; we’re focused on streamlined efficiency. Our accelerated onboarding gets new customers up and running with core essentials — such as inventory management, manufacturing and CRM functionality — in as little as 90 days.

xTuple helps manufacturers make it better.


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xTuple By xTuple
Leading with a commitment to Customer Success, xTuple helps manufacturers (and distributors) across industries and complexities improve processes and productivity. A comprehensive and scalable platform, xTuple provides critical insight for better, more impactful decision to achieve sustainable profitability.

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