xTuple ERP Server Appliances

xTuple Appliances preconfigured for your convenience

xTuple ERP - Your Private CloudServer-class computers, available for startups, small and mid-size, and enterprise-size businesses, in either a tower or rackmount form factor, come with the latest versions of the PostgreSQL database and xTuple ERP applications pre-installed and tuned for the number of users you specify.  These appliances will support both the Desktop and Mobile Web clients, as well as the xTupleCommerce Web Portal.

Please note prices below are for configuring and delivering hardware only; they do not include license fees, implementation assistance, support, or other services, which are detailed on the xTuple Pricing page.

Custom configurations, including the addition of replication/failover, etc., are available upon request. Please contact the xTuple Sales Team or call +1-757-461-3022 for more information.

Recommended for Startups and Small Business, supporting up to 20 users

Your cost: $4,000

Recommended for Small and Mid-Sized Business, supporting up to 50 users

Your cost: $7,000

Recommended for Enterprise-Sized Business, supporting up to 100 or more users

Your cost: $12,000

All xTuple appliances are certified by xTuple for all xTuple products and services you purchase.

xTuple ERP in your Private Cloud