Add-on Packages

xTuple Business Intelligence

xTuple Business Intelligence Tools & Analytics for CRM and Sales

xTuple Business Intelligence add-on provides a complete suite of tools to explore, analyze and understand your data.

With these tools you can see key performance indicators, perform historical analysis to see trends, and review data from different points of view.

xTupleCommerceeCommerce ("Enterprise Commerce") for Your Website

Integrated xTuple ERP and eCommerce system can dramatically improve marketing and operational efficiencies.

xTupleCommerce gives your business and retail customers direct access to order from your catalog, so they can serve themselves day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Automate business software connections between your xTuple ERP implementation and other systems, including any IMAP corporate email server.

Create flexible commissions schedules for sales representatives and managers.

Discounted bundle of all currently available Fixed Assets packages for one special price.

Advanced accounting for manufacturers, distributors, professional services & non-profits.