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There is no longer any such thing as “internal” communications.

Social Media guidelines apply to xTuple employees, Partners or independent contractors who create or contribute to blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds or any other kind of Social Media. Whether you log into LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, MySpace, Google+ or Facebook, or comment on online media stories — these guidelines are for you.

All xTuple employees are welcome and encouraged to participate in Social Media. Please understand these important and easy-to-follow guidelines. Our overall goal is simple: to participate online in a respectful, relevant way that protects our reputation and grows the xTuple brand.

  • Be transparent. Honesty is of the utmost important. If you are writing about xTuple or a competitor, use your real name, identify that you work for xTuple and be clear about your role and that you are not a company spokesperson. If you have a vested interest in what you are discussing, be the first to say so. 
  • Be truthful. All statements about xTuple and its competitors must be true and not misleading; all claims must be substantiated. If you want to write about the competition, make sure you behave diplomatically, have the facts straight and that you have the appropriate permissions.
  • Be respectful. Post meaningful, appropriate comments; please, no spam and no remarks that are off-topic or offensive. Use common sense and common courtesy. Do not share anything online you would not want to appear on the front page of the newspaper. Respect other people’s stuff. Just because something’s online doesn’t mean it’s OK to copy it. Ask permission and always give people proper credit for their work.
  • Be authentic. Stick to your area of expertise and do feel free to provide unique, individual perspectives on non-confidential activities at xTuple.
  • Be appropriate. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, keep it polite. If you find yourself in a situation online that looks as if it’s becoming antagonistic, do not get overly defensive but also do not disengage abruptly. Ask Marketing for advice on how to disengage from the dialogue in a polite manner that reflects well on xTuple. 
  • Be calm. Never participate in Social Media when the topic being discussed may be considered a crisis situation. Even anonymous comments may be traced back to your or xTuple’s IP address. Refer all Social Media activity around crisis topics to Marketing.
  • Be smart. Protect yourself, your privacy and xTuple’s confidential information. What you publish is widely accessible and will be around for a long time, so consider the content carefully. The World Wide Web has a very long memory. There’s really no such thing as “delete” on the Internet, so please—think before you post.
  • Be global. It’s a small world, and we’re a global company. Remember that what you say can and may be seen by others all over the world and something you say in one country might be inaccurate or offensive in another.
  • Be judicious. Your job comes first. Unless you are an authorized Social Media Contributor, don’t let social media affect your job performance.
  • Be careful. If you #!%#@# up? Correct it immediately and be clear about what you’ve done to fix it. Contact xTuple Marketing Team if it’s a real doozy.
  • Be valuable. Make sure your posts add to the conversation. If it promotes xTuple’s goals and values, supports our customers, improves or helps us sell products, or helps us do our jobs better, then you are adding value.
  • Be engaging. Engage customers in conversations where they are happening. You’re representing us, and we are trusting you. Act accordingly. Word of mouth is extremely important to us. If you can make the experience better than expected, do it.

Don’t even think about it

  • Talking about financial information, sales trends, strategies, forecasts, legal issues, future promotional activities.
  • Giving out personal information about customers or employees.
  • Posting confidential or non-public information.
  • Responding to an offensive or negative post by a customer. There’s no winner.

Your contact information is private with us

If you registered as a website or software user, we are happy to have you as a member of our community. Your email address and interest preferences have been recorded in our database. In the future, you will receive periodic emails specific to your interests. Privacy is important to us; therefore, we will not sell, rent, or give your name or address to anyone. xTuple's Privacy Policy


NOTE: Refer Media inquiries to the xTuple Director of Marketing.