xSG - Product Logo Misuse


Product Logos accompanied by the product name must follow the guidelines as shown above. The font must be Gill Sans when possible. Exceptions to Gill Sans font choice are only when used in web or other documenting formats that do not recognize or have the Gill Sans font family. In this case Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana may be used. The colors above are defined in the brand identity color palette. Black is acceptable when the blue and grey color options are not available. 



Product Logos are to be used and represented as indicated in the brand identity guidelines. Capitalization and color must stay true to the xTuple brand identity and it’s guidelines. If the product or phrase is Register Trademarked it should always be represented with the ® symbol. Any other color use and capitalization are prohibited. Example:  PostBooks®, not Postbooks. 


Any other usage should be submitted for approval to xTuple Marketing Team.