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Miscellaneous Icons

xTuple Webinar Training - xTupleCommerce Web Portal xTuple Webinar Training - xTuple Business Management Solutions xTuple Webinar Training - xTuple Technology Solutions xTuple Webinar Training - xTuple Operations & Planning xTuple Webinar Training - xTuple Operations & Planning
xTupleCommerce xTuple Business xTuple Technology xTuple Operations xTuple Video
Web Portal Management Solutions and Planning Library
Webinars Solutions Webinars Webinars Webinars



xTuple In-Class TrainingxTuple Distance Learning or Online Training                     

In-Class Training            Distance Learning


xTuple Managing Projects             xTuple Reference Guide                xTuple Fixed Assets     

Managing Projects        Reference Guide           Fixed Assets


xTuple Email Sign-up     xTuple's Next Business Blog - Join the Innovation Conversation

           Email                    Next Business Blog



xTuple primary bullet orange     Primary Bullet

         xTuple secondary bullet blue     Secondary Bullet


Operating Systems

When marketing the various systems with which our software is compatible, use the images below. Graphics for each operating sysyem or platform should be updated as needed.

xTuple runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile


Social Media

Icons for social media must stay true to current social media icons used by the social media provider as well as abiding by any brand identity guidelines the social media provider has put into place.



Any other usage should be submitted for approval to xTuple Marketing Team.