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XTUPLECON14 — Technology Track


xTuple By popular demand, our @wallyton travels to Nashville for @MetalForming’s #ERP Experience [need a free pass?] http://t.co/kidiaCAv0O2 days 20 hours ago
xTuple Exciting activity around building extensions during #haxTuple14 – see what your competition is doing: http://t.co/JIBUWCIux63 days 23 hours ago
xTuple Attending “Days of Future Apps” #xTupleCon14 pays for itself <<get #xTupleUniversity free through 12/31/14 http://t.co/kiAmSFF1JW4 days 16 hours ago
xTuple #opensource bug-shooting derby (Qt Desktop & MobileWeb clients) extended to October 5: http://t.co/lO18SarM4l #haxTuple14 #GoogleGlass4 days 20 hours ago
xTuple Miss the latest #ERP e-news? Hot off the presses: http://t.co/sqGHsHZerb6 days 20 hours ago