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xTuple Thx for #FF @Network4Account @koffie_meesters @permagriculture @NuFloorHardwood @AtillasCorp @AdrianaScalora @StashVapors @alexmylnikov11 hours 14 min ago
xTuple Forget #Deflategate see our @wallyton (@Patriots) vs Seattle Anne (@Seahawks) @SuperBowl rivalry! http://t.co/s9mBjDH6AG #SB491 day 13 hours ago
xTuple RT @acuitynv: Everyone in your ecosystem (+you) fits in one of four quadrants. By aligning goals... http://t.co/ogw3mWXl6S1 day 13 hours ago
xTuple Explore distribution with @xTupleU videos on external vendor catalog, trade service support http://t.co/5fBsAHBMrc2 days 13 hours ago
xTuple What’s the wisest way to number inventory, customers or vendors in your #accounting or #ERP? http://t.co/1cMlhIDPyM #GetSmart @acuitynv3 days 10 hours ago