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Updater for xTuple ERP

The Updater application — for PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise Editions — is used to update your database from one release to the next, to upgrade from one xTuple ERP edition to another, such as from PostBooks® to Manufacturing Edition, and to load supplements developed by third parties into your xTuple database.

An update "package" is a collection of files bundled together into .gz files. The Updater reads and processes this package of files in order to update the database.

To update xTuple ERP you will need both the Updater application and the appropriate update Package.

It is difficult to be precise on the steps to follow at this point because some people will be upgrading from one release to the following release, while others will have skipped several releases and need to get caught up. The keys to understanding what files to get are:

  • The naming conventions for the update packages and
  • The sequence of release numbers.

If you are upgrading from one release to the one immediately following then you just have to find the one update package and download that. If you are upgrading after skipping several releases, you'll have to find the packages for each of the releases that you skipped. To know which files to download, you need to understand the naming conventions for the update packages.

PostBooks® update packages are named pbOLDtoNEW.gz, where OLD and NEW are version numbers corresponding to releases of xTuple ERP. If you are upgrading production databases you should only download update packages where OLD and NEW are simple 3 digit numbers, such as pb300to301.gz - this is the upgrade package for PostBooks® from release 3.0.0 to 3.0.1. Anything else, such as pb310alphato310beta.gz, is an upgrade from an intermediate release to another intermediate release (in this case from an alpha to a beta) and should only be used if you want to test upcoming functionality in a test database. In this test case you'll need to get all of the individual update packages for all of the intervening alpha, beta, and possibly release candidate releases, and apply them in turn. The naming convention for Distribution Edition is similar to that for PostBooks®, using std instead of pb as the prefix (e.g. std300to301.gz; Manufacturing Edition is also similar but has no prefix at all (e.g. 300to301.gz).

In summary using examples:

  • If you are updating PostBooks® from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1, you need to download one update package: pb300to301.gz.

  • If you are updating PostBooks® from 2.3.1 to 3.1.0, you need to download several packages:

    • pb231to232.gz
    • pb232to300.gz
    • pb300to301.gz
    • pb301to310.gz
  • If you are an adventurous person and want to upgrade a copy of your 3.0.1 database to the 3.1.0BETA2, you need to download:

    • pb301to310alpha.gz
    • pb310alphato310beta.gz
    • pb310betato310beta2.gz