xSG - Additional Logos

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Above is the Graphic Image referenced in Exhibit B ("Attribution") of
xTuple's Common Public Attribution License (CPAL).

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xSG - "x" and Approved Vendors

The use of the “x” as shown in the xTuple “shine” logo is reserved for xTuple corporate use only — for example, in social media, xTuple promotional products and in marketing materials (which may be co-branded with xTuple Partners). For quality purposes, xTuple reserves the right to approve any vendors using the xTuple logo.

xTuple x logo

xSG - Logo Variations

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Below is the Graphic Image referenced in Exhibit B ("Attribution") of xTuple's Common Public Attribution License (CPAL).

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xSG - Taglines

The xTuple logo accompanied by the registered trademark tagline - Grow Your World® - communicates the essence of our brand identity. Tagline may be used with or without the xTuple logo. The tagline should always be accompanied by the registered trademark symbol, whether accompanied by the xTuple logo or not. We also use the tag "World's #1 Open Source ERP" to describe who we are.

xTuple shine logo

xSG - Logo Misuse

All product names that begin with a lower case letter are kept lower case at all times, even when beginning a sentence, or the entire word is capitalized.

xTuple correct usagexTuple incorrect usage

xSG - International

Paper Size Standards

international paper sizesToday there is one widespread International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard and a local standard used in North America (including letter, legal, ledger, etc.).

xSG - Formatting


AP style governs “fast” content (newspapers, online articles). Chicago style governs “slow” content (books, some periodicals); this clarifies how the reality of media dictates style. Examples:

xSG - Social Media

xTuple’s official corporate social media profiles and pages


xTuple on FacebookFacebook https://www.facebook.com/xTuple


xSG - Color

Color is key in keeping the company style identity consistent. The Blue and Orange serve as anchor points. The primary and secondary color palette is inspired by the xTuple “shine” logo. The gradient in the signature allows for many shades of the colors listed. While the primary color palette is the basis for print and web usage, other shades of the primary color palette have been used based on specific needs. Other color variations based on the primary color palette are to be created by and/or approved by xTuple Marketing.


xSG - Logo

The xTuple “shine” logo is the face of our brand. Our logo is the key element of our brand identity and consistent use of the logo is essential to maintaining our identity and gaining instant recognition across all marketing channels and media.

xTuple shine logo

xTuple Style Guide (xSG)

The xTuple Style Guide (xSG) was developed to:

  • Help reinforce the overall goals and objectives of the company;
  • Communicate a progressive, high-quality organization; 
  • Maintain a professional and uniform corporate image; and 
  • Achieve consistency in all publications and correspondence.  

The xSG serves as the authority for all communication and marketing vehicles, including our website.