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xTuple - World's #1 Open Source ERP

You may have noticed xTuple is a little different. We believe the fundamental question we pose to potential customers - "Does your software help your business grow?" - is an afterthought to much of the software industry today.

Yes, We Publish Our Pricing

World currency imagePricing information for commercial licenses of xTuple software is shown in the table below, with a calculator to easily compare your choices. The free and open source xTuple PostBooks may be downloaded and installed without any license fee, of course, however support and services are available only for a commercially-licensed installation.

Choose from dedicated xTuple ERP Editions for Distribution and Manufacturing, as well as the premium Enterprise Edition that includes all available xTuple modules, add-ons and complimentary offerings. Compare Editions by feature to choose the best software for your business needs.

All Editions are available on-site, in your choice of hosting environment, or in xTuple’s Cloud service (powered by Amazon.com). Or choose an Annual subscription, similar to a rental model, or a Perpetual License to the software.


world's most advanced open source database PostgreSQL

A key technology of xTuple business management software is the world's most advanced open source database PostgreSQL (pronounced "Postgres S-Q-L" or "Postgres" for short). Postgres is developed and maintained by a global community of talented programmers and database professionals. It is, in our opinion, one of the leading examples of the power of open source software development.